Indian Education Student Eligibility





Student Eligibility

Indian Education Opportunities Program (IEOP) is a grant-funded program under the Title VI and Johnson O’Malley grants.


Eligible American Indian/Alaskan Native students must provide tribal documentation as well as a Title VI and/or Johnson O’Malley (JIOM) form to be eligible for IEOP services such as tutoring, school supplies, classroom fee vouchers, cultural events, academic support, and college tours.

Title VI Program

  • College Readiness Educational Workshops provide sessions on financial aid, tribal colleges, and American Indian scholarships
  • Credit Retrieval Payment (one credit per year)
  • Cultural Youth Conference to reinforce and develop cultural awareness
  • Extended Academic Instruction to support student academic success
  • IEOP Informational Newsletter distributed quarterly
  • Kindergarten Outreach to identify incoming eligible American Indian/Alaska Native students
  • Local and Out-of-State College Tours to promote post-secondary education opportunity awareness
  • PSAT/ACT/SAT Exam Fee Vouchers (once per year)
  • School Supplies
  • Senior Celebration to recognize graduating seniors

Title VI Eligibility Requirements

Descendant of a parent/grandparent with a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) card or letter from a federal or state-recognized tribe. The following documents for Title VI eligibility are:

  • Title VI 506 Form
  • Eligible proof of descendants for parents or grandparents or students.
  • Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Letter from Tribal Enrollment office

Johnson O’Malley

A few events sponsored by the JOM grant are as follows:

Family Literacy Night activities to promote reading, including the distribution of student books

Financial Literacy Workshops to provide students with practical life experiences

Student Academic Recognition Awards  to acknowledge student achievement during the school year

  • Perfect Attendance
  • A Honor Roll/AB Honor Roll
  • Outstanding Citizenship
  • Grade Point Average

Johnson O’Malley Eligibility Requirements

The student is an enrolled member with a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) card or letter of a federal or state-recognized tribe. Johnson O’Malley students qualify for both Title VI and JOM.

The following documents for the JOM program are:

  • Title VI Form
  • Johnson O’ Malley Form
  • Eligible proof is:
    • Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood OR
    • Tribal Letter(s) of blood quantum showing 25 percent
    • The parent has proof of blood quantum showing 50 percent
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