Volunteers are critical to the success of Clark County School District Students. Support opportunities are readily available for interested individuals and companies. To learn more about volunteer options call 702-799-0303, option 1, or email engageccsd@nv.ccsd.net


PAYBAC Program Speaker

Serve as an example to middle school and alternative high school students through the Professionals and Youth Building A Commitment (PAYBAC) Program. You and your experiences can serve as an example and inspiration to students, encouraging them to continue their education, set goals, and make plans for the future despite adversities. Interested speakers can expect to speak for 45 minutes to a group of 35 students. *Interested volunteers should be at least 25 years of age or may be younger if currently enrolled as a college student or employed.

Become a Speaker


Focus School Project

The Focus School Project, CCSD’s adopt-a-school program, partners businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals with schools to bring needed resources to students. Participants work with school administrators and staff to assist in increasing academic achievement and engagement while decreasing chronic absenteeism.

Focus School Project

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