Academic Support and Community Service Center

Academic Support and Community Service Center (ASCSC)


The primary purpose of the ASCSC is to increase achievement K12, conduct skill development, encourage networking between the community and the Clark County School District, and increase family involvement in school and community.

Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Resources

The ASCSC provides tutoring resources for CCSD students in elementary, middle, and high school. Tutoring is provided by licensed CCSD educators in all core curriculum areas, end of course exams and ACT/SAT Prep. For more information and to register click the link below.

Register for Tutoring HERE

ASCSC Tutoring Hours

Monday – Friday 2:30p – 6p

ASCSC Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 9a – 6p


Donations and Sponsorships

Donations to Academic Support And Community Service Center (ASCSC) can be in the form of goods, or monetary donation. Your generosity can provide additional resources to our students, educators, and school communities. To make a donation by check, make check payable to Academic Support And Community Service Center or to discuss specific donation/sponsorship needs please reach out at the number or address below.

Academic Support And Community Service Center

1255 Robin St. Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 799-3140


ASCSC Events and Calendar

In order to help engage the community in student success, the ASCSC hosts events that focus on connectivity through culture. ASCSC attends events to engage parents/guardians and the community. You can find a calendar of upcoming events by clicking the link below.

Family Resources

Family Resources

ASCSC and CCSD provide family resources that focus on supporting literacy, and increasing proficiency in mathematics, reading, writing and science, with emphasis on 21st Century skills in order to help students graduate on schedule.



The Academic Support and Community Service Center was launched by the late former Clark County School District Educator and Trustee, Shirley Barber in 1998. The program was “developed to provide students with early exposure to STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). To include assisting in other important areas such as, reading, writing, and as mentioned, math and homework.


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