The RAVE (“Recognize A Valued Employee”) Review Program incorporates unsolicited acknowledgement of CCSD employees who have demonstrated excellence in character, performance and service. Submissions should highlight accomplishments that exceed general job expectations and focus on those who truly go above and beyond for students, parents, fellow staff members, and the community.

Submissions are tied to the 7 CORE VALUES listed in the FOCUS: 2024 Plan (Accountability, Communication, Customer Service, Equity, High Expectations, Integrity, and Innovation). CCSD Team Engagement created revamped certificates and program branding to align with the Focus: 2024 Strategic Plan.

Submit a RAVE Review

The program is now tied to CCSD’s seven Core Values (listed below). When identifying an individual to nominate, be sure to select the Core Value that is exemplified by the recipient.


  • Employees will be eligible to earn seven different certificates relating to each of the seven Core Values.
  • Certificates will be printed and mailed to each school/site. Please allow adequate time for certificates to arrive.
  • School administrators and department supervisors are asked to distribute the certificates to recipients.


  • One districtwide nominee will be selected to win each month.
  • Winners will receive partner donated incentives like gift cards, passes for experiential activities, and more.

CCSD Focus: 2024 Core Values

RAVE Review F.A.Q.:

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any CCSD employee.

Who can nominate a CCSD employee?

Other CCSD employees, students, parents/guardians, and community members. 

How are monthly winners selected?

Nominations are selected at random.

How many monthly winners are selected?

One RAVE recipient is selected per month.

What kind of incentive can the monthly winners receive?

Winners will receive partner-donated incentives like gift cards, passes for experiential activities, and more.

Why can’t I access my certificate on the RAVE Review app?

As part of the program revamp, physical certificates are now being mailed to schools/sites.

When should I expect to receive my certificate?

Certificates are printed at the end of each month then mailed to your school/site. School administration and site supervisors will be provided with certificates containing the submission text and are asked to distribute them to recipients. 

Why haven’t I received my certificate yet?

Certificates are mailed at the end of the month. Please allow adequate time for them to be distributed by your school administration and department supervisor.

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