How To Partner

School Community Partnership Program

The School-Community Partnership Program has been in existence since 1983. It is led by an Advisory Council made up of a dynamic group of community and business leaders. Programs offered to students through the School-Community Partnership Program are curriculum-based with an emphasis on human resources. We invite you to participate in one of our existing programs or find out more information on how to begin your own by clicking here:

Focus School Project

The goal of the Focus School Project is to assess, then address, the special needs of CCSD students through programs involving classroom volunteers, health, equipment upgrades, facility enhancements, mentors, office assistance, readers, student incentives, teacher recognition, and tutors. Partners involved in the Focus School Project gain personal satisfaction from helping students gain more from their school experience. For more information:

Stay in School Mentoring

The goal of the Stay in School Mentoring program is to provide adult mentors from the business community to offer support and guidance to students who are at risk of dropping out of school. Mentors spend one hour each week encouraging students to stay in school and promote future education and career focus. Click here for more information:

Professionals and Youth Building a Commitment (PAYBAC)

Speakers in this program will spend 45 minutes in a classroom with about 35 students sharing their personal stories and messages about the importance of education. Each school year almost 30,000 students in 28 schools hear personal stories from PAYBAC speakers, representing more than 500 local businesses.  For more information click here.

Support A School Program

The Support A School program encourages individuals and businesses to donate supplies, equipment and other resources that schools may need to support a specific program or project.  Click here to see if you have items a school may need to support educational programs.

Curriculum-Based Programs

Numerous curriculum-based programs are facilitated through the School-Community Partnership Program. These programs allow business and community resources to connect with school resources to provide literacy, math, science, social studies, and fine arts to students, providing them a richer educational experience. Examples of some of the programs include STEM-related programs, Financial Literacy, Any Given Child, Poetry Out Loud, field trips, and many others.

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