Change the Lives of CCSD Students!

The Clark County School District is looking for businesses to adopt every one of our 360 schools! A three-year investment can provide the support schools need to improve achievement and attendance. CCSD will provide data on student achievement and absenteeism to all business partners so you can measure your return on investment.


Your business could select from the following options aligned to the District’s strategic plan to improve student achievement:


  • Provide incentives to students who improve their attendance.
  • Pay fingerprint fees for parents who cannot afford it but want to volunteer for their child’s school.
  • Recognize high-performing employees.
  • Link your employees with students who need a mentor for encouragement and support.
  • Supports to engage students in the classroom and help them in school.


The Clark County School District currently has partnerships with hundreds of public and private sector partners. These partnerships provide resources and curriculum-based opportunities to CCSD students, staff, and parents. These programs allow business and community members to connect schools with resources thus providing literacy, math, social studies, finance, fine arts, science, health, and physical education experiences to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity. The result is a richer educational experience while preparing our students to be well-rounded citizens.

If you are interested in any of these great opportunities, or have an idea to share contact the Community Engagement team at 702-799-5438, or by emailing

Station Casinos and Breakaway Cycling generously donate their time and resources to help CCSD promote safe biking and walking to school
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